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SAHARA’s approach to Public Relations is to create, modify, enhance, and protect the business environment of clients through creating informed opinions in key audiences based on the creative presentation of truthful information.

The carefully balanced combination of knowledge of the local conditions, the innovative approach to communications, and the experience in work in international partnerships, enhance SAHARA capabilities to effectively manage perceptions of key audiences. Adherence to stringent ethical standards, as well as the use of creative communications tools makes SAHARA capable of optimally satisfying the communications needs of its clients.”

Our Mission

Sahara Media & Marketing Services delivers solutions and supports programs in emerging markets for multi-national companies, institutions, Govt. bodies and those with multi-national culture & ambitions. We act as your eyes and ears in the marketplace, within hours; we can deliver photographic evidence of any developments, which could impact on your market. We execute support programs, which contribute to awareness, sales, growth and profitability, In order to pursue market opportunities as well as anticipate marketing problems companies needs to collect comprehensive and reliable information. Sahara enables companies, organizations entering (or operating) in emerging markets to overcome the difficulties of gathering market information.

Our unique database system allows us to submit this information within hours of field visit. Based on this accurate and detailed intelligence, we then execute the in-field marketing solutions to address specific issues.

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Since 1999

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Our Clients

We have the privilege of working with some of the most well known companies in the world and we don’t take this lightly.

Our clients engage us in a number of ways—we help them solve business problems, increase visibility and help them thrive in a networked world where customers and employees have become increasingly empowered.

We view our clients as partners and work collaboratively with them to achieve results they can measure.

Where we operate

  • Oman
  • UAE
  • KSA (Jeddah)(Riyadh)
  • Bahrain
  • Vancouver Canada

Meet the Team

Saif Ur Rehman


Hamood Sultan

Head Finance

Khalid Khalfan

HR & Admin Manager

Asim Umer

Account Manager

Imran Zaman

Operational Manager

Ramila Aamir

Director of Creative Innovation

Jumaima S.

Digital Media Director

Talha Amjad

Promotions Coordinator

Ikram Khan

Head of Field Marketing

Salman Javed

Creative Graphic Designer

Usman Mehmood

Trade Marketing Support

Imran Ashraf

Data Analyst Management

Muhammad Yasir

Logistic & Support

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