Promoter & Hostess

Inside a point of sale Retails channels, instore promotion activity would not be efficient without use of figures like Promoters. it is about specialized profiles in description, exposure and sale of products and services aiming to engage target audience. it is not about and activity end in itself which aims to increase retail sales, but of real instore campaign of visibility of a brand. Therefore, Specialized and Expert Promoters are often presented like Brand Ambassadors. They become direct representatives of brand themselves and take all value-based features that must be communicated to audience. Moreover, they work all years as sales force in out-sourcing just for one buyer. 

Promoters are your direct connection with the customer, and they need to be able to answer any questions the customer may have. Thus, good promoters should have in-depth knowledge of the product’s features, benefits, and the advantages it has over competing products.

A key factor in customer’s purchase decision is their knowledge of the product. Good promoters act as teachers, providing a wealth of advice to the customer in order to aid in their purchase decision. The more informed the customer is, the more comfortable they feel buying the product. Examples of advice include the storage, shelf life, and effects of the product. Sometimes the consumer will seek the promoter’s personal opinion – good promoters will answer honestly, but positively.

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Brand Talk
a passionate team that offers unconventional tools to grow and nurture an evolving brand. From Brand Development to In-store Branding to Sales Staff Training, Brand Talk promises a game changer approach with its authentic ideas and practical solutions.
Wet Sampling
It is advantageous to offer product samples to your target audience because it increases the appearance and allows customers to taste your product and leave them wanting more
Sales Promoter
As effective as in-store promotions are, you need good reps to promote the product, as they are your best advocate. The basic foundation of selling is to provide the customer with the 4P’s
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